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Engine Oil Change


What is a car oil service?

In simple words, oil service is a replacement of used oil and filter with a new oil and oil filter. There are 3 main types of oil services interim service, Full service, and major Service.

How important is oil change Service?

The life of the engine depends on engine oil in other words you can say engine oil is a blood life of any engine. There are so many moveable parts in the engine that require lubrication. Engine oil normally sits at the bottom of the engine in a sump when the engine is not running. When you start the car the oil pump pushes the oil into the engine and oil reaches every moveable part to reduce friction. Inadequate lubrication to all movable parts will increase the friction and will cause the movable to wear out faster and leads to engine failure.

What is a cost of oil replacement service on a car?

The cost of oil replacement service depends on the car make, model quantity of oil and quality of parts used. On average the oil replaced service for most of the cars is between £75 to £145. To find out the exact cost of oil replacement service on your car please select the make and model of your car at the top of the page.

What is the difference between interim, full and major service?

Interim Service includes oil and oil filter replacement. Full Service includes oil, oil filter, and air filter replacement and Major service include oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, spark plugs( for petrol cars only) and fuel filter replacement. Every service includes top-up of other liquids such as brake oil, power steering oil, coolant, screenwash, etc.

Can I get my car serviced by a mobile mechanic?

Oil Change

Of course you can have your car serviced by a mobile mechanic, its more convenient and quicker. we have a number of mobile mechanics on the network who can provide you best mobile car service at your home or office whichever is convenient for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Regularly servicing your car increases the engine performance and fuel consumption ,it reduces the risk of unexpected repairs or engine failure.

Its recommended to get your car oil service done every 12 months or 12000 miles which ever comes first.

It varies on the make and model of vehicle as well as the labour rate in your area. On average, a major service costs £210, with a full service costing £143 and an interim service priced at £99.

Cost by make for Engine Oil Change

Popular Makes Average Price
Volvo £107.70 Compare Quotes
Vauxhall £106.80 Compare Quotes
Renault £105.25 Compare Quotes
Bmw £109.85 Compare Quotes
Volkswagen £106.65 Compare Quotes
Citroen £103.89 Compare Quotes
Audi £111.85 Compare Quotes
Ford £106.35 Compare Quotes
Mini £106.35 Compare Quotes
Mercedes-benz £112.55 Compare Quotes
Mazda £103.89 Compare Quotes
Nissan £103.89 Compare Quotes
Hyundai £102.98 Compare Quotes
Peugeot £106.25 Compare Quotes
Toyota £109.98 Compare Quotes
Fiat £101.98 Compare Quotes
Lexus £111.98 Compare Quotes
Seat £102.87 Compare Quotes

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