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interim service


What is interim service?

Interim service also known as intermediate service is designed  for drivers with high mileage - recommended after 6 months of driving over distances of approximately 1666 miles per month. All drivers have to organize a full service for their car every year. It is estimated that we drive an average of 10,000 miles in 12 months. With this amount of use, your car requires refills and replacement of consumables and fluids.

How long does a interim service take?

Interim service takes approximate under 1 hour as it only requires oil and oil filter change plus top-ups of all the liquids such as power steering fluid, anti-freeze, brake oil, clutch fluid and screen wash. It is recommended to take this service after 8,000 miles or every 6 months years if you do approximate 1700 miles in a month.

Our interim service package is ideal for drivers who use their vehicle for regular, short trips in and around the city, or for drivers who travel many miles. Interim service also includes a review of key factors such as lighting, instruments and fluid levels, as well as a full tyre and suspension inspection. A visual inspection of the brake is also included.

Why oil service is important for a car?

Regular vehicle maintenance is an essential part of keeping your engine in good working order. Detecting errors and problems before they get out of control can save you money and stress. Regular maintenance is the key to affordable and safe driving. A well-documented maintenance history also helps you keep track of the mechanical condition of your car. This is a huge advantage when it comes to selling your car. 

What are the vehicle service checks for interim service?

Vehicle maintenance checks are designed to detect deterioration and identify potential problems before they occur. To give a driver the best chance of driving smoothly. The level of the vehicle service plan you choose determines how many inspections are performed, interim service plan includes a variety of checks.

interim service

How much does interim service cost?

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the quantity of oil you vehicle needs, the typical cost of interim service is between £ 90 and £ 120. Smart servicing centre offers fantastic prices for all 3 services. We have consistently reduced service prices by up to 30%. Our mobile mechanics comes to your home or office to do the work on the cars, its not only convenient but also cost effective.