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Intake Manifold Runner Control Replacement


How does the intake manifold runner control work?

The air is essential for your car’s engine in order to combust fuel and many other things which depend upon speed and driving condition. The basic air intake that pulls fresh air in by using the filter and then deliver this air to the intake manifold was mainly used by older cars.

Unlike older cars, newer cars have other means of adjusting the flow of air through the intake, according to driving circumstances. The intake manifold runner control modules are used by newer vehicles, which are vacuum solenoids that run a butterfly valve in the intake. The need of air is less during the slower driving, in this situation the butterfly stays closed. The butterfly opens and raises the volume of air sent to the intake when the driving is faster. To increase the performance, the computer compensates for air intake by adjusting the fuel mixture.

What to keep in mind during the replacement of intake manifold runner control?

What is recommended by our expert technician during the replacement of intake manifold runner control?

If you find any trouble with a butterfly, which is unable to open or close or may be stuck in one position, the engine can have damage due to rich running conditions. Our expert technician will diagnose the condition and will provide you a detail report.

What are the prices to replace the intake manifold runner control?

The prices of replacement depend upon the working condition of intake manifold runner control. This inspection must be performed immediately before the rich and lean operating conditions of the engine starts due to less air intake. Our mechanic will provide you with a fix amount of price after his inspection.