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Ignition Cable (Spark plug wires) Replacement


What is ignition cables (spark plug cables)?

Ignition cable are part of the ignition system. The purpose of these cables is to transmit the spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs which ignite the air / fuel mixture and start the engine, these cables are also known as spark plug cables or ignition leads. Over time, cables can weaken and break. This will make it difficult for the spark to reach the engine cylinders, which will cause the engine to misfire. The car may not start at all. If any of the spark plugs have gone bad, the car will start and still run, but it will malfunction. Ignition wire failure is often caused by other faulty parts of the ignition system; A mechanic should check for other defective parts and replace defective parts in the system. Leaking oil or coolant can cause ignition cable failure. If this is the case, the cause of the leak must be repaired or replaced, otherwise the new ignition wires will be quickly damaged as well.

What are the common symptoms of faulty ignition cables ?

Following are the signs which indicate that the ignition wire (spark plug wires) need replacing:

What is the replacement interval of ignition cables?

Ignition wires should be replaced at least every 60,000 miles. Whenever you change the spark plugs it is a good idea to change the ignition wires as well. If you notice that your engine is malfunctioning, you should find a mechanic and schedule a diagnostic inspection.

Can I drive with a faulty ignition cables?

When one or more of the ignition cables fail current does not pass from the ignition coil to the spark plugs, and the fuel does not ignite. Depending on the number of your faulty ignition wires, your car will run poorly or not run at all.


What is a cost of ignition cables replacement?

The cost of replacing a ignition cables replacement depends on the vehicle, part cost and area you are living in. Typically ignition cables replacement on a mid range car would cost you between £75 and £175. To find out the exact cost of replacing ignition cables on your car, select your car make and model at the top of the page. You can also find a mechanic on-line with smart servicing centre for all your car repair and maintenance needs.