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Ignition Coil Replacement


What is an ignition coil and how it works? 

Ignition coil transmits the ignition voltage into very high voltage pulses that activate the spark plugs. Each cylinder needs an ignition coil and a spark plug, the number of ignition coils depending on the car model. Older cars uses a single coil that covers all of the engine's cylinders, while newer cars may have a coil over each spark plug , meaning each cylinder will have its own dedicated ignition coil.

What are the symptoms of faulty coil pack?

Following are the signs which indicates that you consider replacing an ignition coil:

Can I drive with a faulty ignition coil?

Yes. You can still drive a car but but it will effect the fuel economy and a reduced engine power. Which is not an immediate safety concern. If coil malfunction causes misfires, it will allow unburned fuel to enter and permanently damage the catalytic converter from overheating.


What is the cost of replacing ignition coil?

The cost of replacing an ignition coil depends on the vehicle, the type of ignition coil and the labour cost. Typically, replacing the ignition coil on a mid-range car would cost you between £ 75 and £ 175. To find out the exact cost of replacing your car's ignition coil, select your car make and model from the top of the page. You can also find an on-line mechanic with a smart service centre for all your auto repair and maintenance needs.