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Idler Pulley Replacement


How does the idler pulley operate?

An idler pulley is used for maintaining and guiding tension with the drive belt. The drive belt is also called the serpentine belt. The engine is connected to a various component such as air conditioning, alternator, and power steering through the drive belt. Drive belt transfer the power from the engine to these systems. The drive belt is kept in place by the idler pulley. The idler guide pulley keeps the tension on the drive belt. It is also used to guide the drive belt.

What to keep in mind while replacing the idler pulley?

What are our expert’s recommendations while changing the idler pulley?

Whenever the mechanic performs belt maintenance on your vehicle, he must examine the idler pulley also. Every single part of the mechanism should be examined properly. It should be checked if the idler belt is able to provide the power to other components through the engine. If it is unable to do so, fix the drive belt. Idler pulley mostly wears out with the passage of time, so it is safe to change the idler pulley during any belt servicing.

How much it cost to replace the idler pulley?

Our expert mechanic will visit your home for your convenience and will examine both the component of your vehicle, the drive belt, and the idler pulley. If he finds any problem, he will replace both of them as a precautionary measure. You can also visit our website to get an idea of our prices.