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Idle Speed Control Valve Replacement


What is the function of the idle speed control valve?

A consistent engine idle speed is controlled and maintained by an idle speed control valve. Whenever the driver puts extra load on the engine, such as turn on the air conditioning, lights, and the sound system, the valve helps counter such actions of the driver. The idle control valve helps the engine start when the vehicle is cold.

What to keep in mind during the replacement of the idle control valve?

What are our expert recommendations during the replacement of the idle control valve?

The air induction service must be performed every 3 to 4 years for better working of the idle control valve. This performance will ensure that the carbon does not build upon the valve. The mechanic should examine the vacuum lines for a leak when you want to replace the idle control valve. If the vehicle’s vacuum is leaking, this indicates the symptoms of a bad IAC valve.

What is the price of the replacement of the idle control valve?

Kindly visit our website to get a detailed idea of prices to fix the idle control valve and to have the expertise of our top-rated mechanic. On your request, our best mechanic will visit your home or office to have a look on your vehicle. He will examine the cause of idle control malfunction and will suggest a replacement if no other solution is available.