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Hub assembly replacement

What is the Wheel Hub Assembly?

The wheel hub assembly is a major part of an auto-mobile as it holds the wheel in place. Both fore and rear wheels need proper positioning to work in an efficient manner. The fore wheel assembly must be positioned in a way to support turning freely, facilitate brakes, and improved fuel efficiency. In comparison, the rear wheel assembly should support effortless rotation at variable speeds.

Always remember:

Keep in mind that it can be disastrous if you have a worn out or loose wheel hub assembly. As it holds wheel in their proper positions, the accident resulting from wheels can kill you especially when you are at high speed. Therefore, there should not be any delay or carelessness when you find rusty or loose wheel hub assembly. When you decide to repair or replace the hub assembly, it is recommended to be done in pairs i.e. both sides of the vehicles.

Symptoms of a Faulty Wheel Hub Assembly;

Watch out;

Watch out for damaged or worn out wheel hub assembly as it can detach the wheel from the axle while moving at a high speed. Therefore, it is an extreme safety hazard for which the repair should never be delayed.

Steps for Replacing Wheel Hub Assembly:


If you find any of these symptoms in your wheel hub assembly, you should make an appointment with our expert mechanics without any delay. Keep in mind that it’s a professional’s job and it requires specialized tools that can only be used by a trained professional.