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Hissing Noise When Pressing Brake Pedal Inspection


Hissing Noise When Pressing Brake Pedal Inspection

In a list of your car's safety components, brakes will always hold the top place due to their vital importance to the car's safety and the one driving it. People sometimes take the brakes for granted, resulting in car accidents that shouldn't take place or do not act until the car begins to exhibit strange behavior. 

Typically, when the brake pedal is pressed, and brakes are applied car should stop immediately without any shenanigans. Still, if you hear hissing noise, there might be an underlying problem that you have been ignoring and which needs repairing. 

How the Brake System Works?

The brake master cylinder work in cooperation with a brake booster on many cars, which is mounted with the firewall with a master cylinder attached to it. The entire point of the brake booster is to ensure the smooth pressing of the brake pedal. 

The brake boosters work on vacuum pressure. The diaphragm inside it ensures for maintaining pressure when the brake pedal is not pressed. When a brake pedal is pressed, a push rod moves into the booster and master cylinder. The diaphragm side faces the cabin vents to the atmospheric pressure, and the vacuum is maintained on the other side.

This, in turn, equalizes the pressure on the other side, providing the boost that makes it pretty smooth for the driver to press the brake pedal. 

The hissing noise you hear could lead to several potential problems, some more severe than others in nature. 

What are the Common Reasons for Hissing Noises While Pressing Brake Pedal?

How Much Can It Cost To Fix Hissing Noises From Brakes?

Our professional mobile mechanic will come to your home or office and inspect your car for any underlying problems and determine its source and cause. He might have to test drive the vehicle for a full inspection. After the inspection, he will provide you with a fully detailed report that will also include a price quote.