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High Beam Is Not Working Inspection


High Beam Is Not Working Inspection

A car’s headlights, or also called as headlamps, are imperative for a safer journey at night time or in bad weather. Headlights are our tool to see when the visibility range is lower. A clear and 100% visibility is necessary for any driver and should be made possible before starting a journey.

Headlights are not only helping you to improve your view of the road but also alerting the other drivers of your presence on the road. Meanwhile, high beams offer bright, long-range lighting which is also a reason they are also called as “Brights” and they allow for other drivers to your car coming down the road from farther away. These are the lights mostly used in rain or in nights with 0% visibility to alert the drivers of your presence.

What are the common reasons for malfunctioning high beam?

The lighting system in any car is very simple to understand and often repair on one’s own. But often there are problems that you cannot fix for yourself. While mostly the culprit is a faulty bulb, there are several other things under the hood that can cause this problem such as relays, switch, fuse or even the wiring etc.

Below are some of the major reasons your high beams can fail.

What to expect during the inspection of high beam failure?

While inspecting for any errors in the high beam system, the mechanic will have a look under your hood to determine the cause of the problem. After his inspection, he will provide a detailed inspection report including all the details about the fault and its repair job.

How much can it cost to fix faulty high beam?

To get an idea about the price of the services we provide please visit the top of the page and select your car.