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Heater Is Not Working Inspection


Heater Is Not Working Inspection

The car heater is designed to keep you warm. There are several components that are working inside your heater to blow hot air into the driver or passenger cabin to keep them warm. Otherwise, due to the leak of the coolant engine, the heater may not work properly. The faulty car heating system may also affect the driver's visibility in winter as the windscreen needs to be clear and warm so that the ice on it can be melt or defrost. Clarity and visibility of the windshield are as necessary as the temperature inside your car for safe driving.

 How does the heater system work?

The heating system and the cooling system of a vehicle have almost the same functionality. Engine coolant stops the engine from overheating by absorbing heat and later dispels it into outside air through the radiator. A smaller radiator called the heater matrix allows the engine coolant to flow through it, and instead of throwing the heat outside of the car, the air passes through the heater core by the blower fan and the car's temperature increase.

The air should be circulating in 75 to 100-degrees Fahrenheit in a car, which indicates that the car heater is working correctly. And if it is less than that, there is a problem with the heating system.

What are the common reasons for heater malfunction?

How much will it cost to diagnose the faulty heater?

It depends on the local labour rate of the garage, please visit our website to get detailed information about prices in your area.