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Headlamp bulb replacement


What is a headlight bulb and what does it do?

Vehicles generally have two or four headlight units (or headlights) in the front of the car. The light units are illuminated by a single dual element bulb or a submersible bulb and a high beam bulb. They are high intensity bulbs that provide light to the driver in front of the vehicle.

The headlights come on once the driver completes the circuit using the switch or light control. While there are some variations of the bulbs,  from a single filament to HID , they are all initially powered the same way. The driver then switches between the high beam (most powerful) and low beam so as not to dazzle oncoming road users.

What are the symptoms of the faulty headlight bulb?

When you should consider replacing a headlight bulb?

Its very Simply, replace it as soon as possible when you find out it is not working. It is a legal requirement and a very important security feature. Some newer cars often use LED lights that are virtually maintenance free. Light bulbs, on the other hand, are prone to deterioration over time and can fail, when the lights don't work properly, there may be other problems with the headlight unit. Units generally have a separate fuse, each of which may also fail, therefore it is advisable to check fuses first before replacing a bulb. Other faulty electrical connections can be caused by damaged lamp wires or plugs.


How much does it cost to replace a headlight bulb?

The cost of replacing a headlight bulb depends on the car make and model, please type your car registration number above to find out the exact headlight bulb replacement cost on your car. our mechanics comes to your home or office for all sorts of car repair.