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Grinding Noise While Applying Brakes Inspection


Grinding Noise While Applying Brakes Inspection

The braking technology has evolved so much from the past, making the drivers pretty comfortable and safe while driving. Modern technology in the car's braking system has made people on the wheel take the brakes for granted. We do not replace them unless something goes wrong. 

The importance of the brakes cannot be emphasized much. Any road accident can be avoided if your brakes are in optimal condition. The modern disc brakes can face several problems and wear and tear due to excessive use and even time. Moreover, if you hear any noise while applying your car's brakes, get them immediately inspected from an expert mechanic. 

How the braking system works?

In modern cars, everything has gone compact and straight forward, so did the brakes. The disc brakes are easier to understand and fix even though the disc brakes are composed of several intricately designed components working in unison. To understand the grinding noise coming from your car when you apply the brakes, we are going to focus our discussion on the parts placed around the "Wheel Hub." 

Several components can be counted here – Brake lines work to deliver pressurized fluid to the brake caliper; Brake pads are made with a metal backing plate, a high friction bearing material. The material was designed to press against the rotor helping the car come to a complete halt.  Over time these pads can face wear and will need replacement. The frequency of this replacement depends on your driving conditions. 

What are the common reasons for brakes to make grinding noises?

What can it cost to fix grinding noises from brakes?

The cost of fixing grinding noise while braking depends on the parts in the braking system that needs replacement. You can only figure out the exact cost after a thorough inspection of your car, our mechanic will provide you with a price quote.