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Gears Not Changing Inspection


Gears Not Changing Inspection

Whether you are driving a manually transmitting car or a car with automatic transmission, in both cases, you need to change the gears. In the manual, you will go from 1-5 while in automatic you can choose in-between park and drive.

In either case, if your transmission is stuck or the gear won’t shift, there is definitely a problem. The cause will depend on the other symptoms and can be assessed after gathering more information about whether the car is stuck in park, or if you are even driving an automatic car, because the diagnosis for both the systems vary.

How the Transmission System Works?

Both manual and automatic transmissions are complex systems and are designed with a number of components working in unison to operate properly. No doubt, automatic is the more complex among the duo.

However, sometimes problems might not have to do anything with the transmission at all. For example, if you can’t shift out of the park, perhaps the problem lies with the brake light switch attached to brake pedal.

In a manual transmission, you need a working clutch pedal, clutch, and some other components to change the gears. The process is that when you press the pedal, it engages the clutch stopping the transmission from spinning. This allows a brief window to shift the gears. There are sequencers in place to allow you to shift the gears smoothly.

In automatic cars, the transmission does all the work. All you have to do is just press the accelerator, the transmission can shift on its own, and the speed will increase. This requires an intricately designed set of components not found in manual cars.

What are the Common Reasons for Gears Not Changing?

How Much It Costs to Fix the Gears?

The price of the services "gear not changing inspection" can only be determined after our mechanic has inspected your car as we are providing mobile services, so our prices vary from simple repair shops. We pride ourselves on affordability and the reliability of our work.