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Gear Slippage When Accelerating Inspection


Gear Slippage When Accelerating Inspection

Upon pressing the gas pedal and putting the car’s transmission in “Drive” mode, you expect your vehicle to start moving smoothly without any abruption or shocks. This is how a car’s system is supposed to work. But, if you notice your gears slipping while you are trying to accelerate, there can be a serious underlying problem in your system that needs immediate attention. 

How does the transmission system work?

A transmission system is a complex system composed of a wide varying range of components working in unison to move your car. That applies whether you have an automatically transmitting car or a car with manual transmission. Gear slipping is much more common in the car with automatic transmission, so our article will focus on the reasons of gear slippage when accelerating in automatic transmission. Even so, the primary reason for a slipping gear in a car with manual transmission is a damaged clutch that can readily be replaced. 

In an automatic transmission, the unison of all the functional components is necessary to shift power and provide power. The fluid level must not be down (without which gear can slip badly), and the Fluid should also be very clean. These cars also have several clutch packs scattered all over the transmission system that needs proper engaging at the right moment. Transmission bands that connect the gears in a vehicle can also be exposed to wear and tear and can stop functioning. 

If outside debris or any contamination clogs up the transmission or blocks the filter, the transmission cannot work correctly no matter what. 

What are the common reasons gear can slip?

How much can it cost to fix slipping gear?

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