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Gear Shift Interlock Solenoid Replacement



What is gear shift interlock solenoid?

Solenoids inside the interlock system are the cylindrical coils of metal wires carrying electric currents whose main function is to ensure that driver cannot shift from “Park” to “Drive” without applying the brake first. When the brake is pressed, solenoids receives a signal to release the mechanical lock on the shifter, enabling it to shift from Neutral to Reverse and Reverse to Park. If the solenoids do not receive the brake pedal signal, the car won’t shift out of Park or Drive.


What are the symptoms of the faulty gear shift interlock solenoid?

Following are the signs which indicates your vehicle shift interlock solenoid needs replacing.


What is the importance of this service?

Though a faulty shift interlock solenoid does not cause a safety concern, it often renders the vehicle unusable. If not repaired timely, this causes problems for the smooth functioning of your vehicle. 


What are the recommendations about gear shift interlock solenoid replacement?

The shift interlock solenoid is meant to last a lifetime for your car and does not need servicing. If your gear stick won’t come out of Park, book one of our experienced and qualified mobile mechanics to help diagnose the problem.


What is the cost of gear shift interlock replacement?

The cost of shift interlock replacement depends on the type of car you are driving and the repair shop you choose. We provide mobile services that make the repair convenience cost-effective. To find out the exact cost of shift interlock replacement, simply select your vehicles make and model at the top of the page.