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Gear Cable Replacement


What is a gear shift selector cable & how it works?

The gear shift selector cable works as a tool to put the transmission into proper gear, which the shift selector indicates that it has been moved by the driver. The main function of shift selector cable is to connect the gear shifter, which is at the steering column or floor mounted console, to automatic transmission. While the automatically transmitting vehicles normally have one cable, manually transmitting vehicles boasts two.

The cable itself is steel with a plastic outer protective sheath. There are often rubber or nylon bushings at both the ends of the cable to facilitate cable movement and vibration. Sometimes the cable is adjustable if it stretches while using.


What are the symptoms of Shift selector Cable going bad?

What is the cost of replacing Shift Selector Cable? 

The cost varies according to the type of the vehicle you are driving, mode of repair you are choosing, and the repair shop you chose. Our door to door services all over the UK makes us easily accessible and affordable. Our qualified professional mechanics can pay you a visit and work infront of you at your own convenience.