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Full Service


What is Full service?

Full service is a yearly regular oil change service recommended by the manufacturers which comes with an enhanced check list of the other important components of vehicle to ensure that the vehicle safety and security is not compromised. Garages usually offer full car services with approximately 50 points check.

Full Service is designed for drivers who use their vehicle in order to commute to and from work plus social and pleasure activities. The Full service is recommended every 12000 miles or 1 year which ever comes first. All drivers should organize and maintain a full service for their car every year. It is estimated that most drivers cover an average of 12,000 miles in 12 month,. With this amount of use, your car oil filter and air filter needs replacing and all the other liquids of the car should be checked and topped up if needed.

What is included in full service?

The full service includes oil, oil filter and air filter replacement with the following top-ups and checks:

Each garage is different, but must include a full breakdown of orders included with full service. A full service includes thorough checks and often does not contain any parts unless the workshop has indicated so. Anything that turns out to be a potential problem is recommended by the mechanic to have it repaired or replaced.

full service

How long does full service takes?

Full service takes approximately 1.25 hour, as it requires to replace the oil, oil filter, air filter and top up all fluids such as power steering fluid, antifreeze, brake and clutch fluid and washer liquid. It is recommended to take this service after 12000 miles or every 12 months which comes first.

Why is full service important for a car?

Regular vehicle maintenance and oil change is an essential part of the trouble-free operation of your engine. Finding problems before they get out of hand can save you money and stress. Regular maintenance and oil service is the key to affordable and safe driving. A well maintenance service history also helps you track the mechanical condition of your car. This is a huge advantage when a time comes to sell your car  as a vehicle with a good service history sells quickly and you get good value of your vehicle.

How much does a full service cost?

It depends on the make, model , part quality and engine oil capacity of the vehicle. Typically a full service costs between £ 120 and £175. However, each garage has its own version of a full service. So check the details to get a better deal . Some garages can include almost everything in a full service that is included in a major service, but it can only be a little more expensive. Type your car registeration number at the top of the page and find a mechanic local to you.