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Fuel pump (in-tank / lift) replacement


What is a fuel pump and how does it work?

The fuel pump supplies pressurised fuel to every fuel injector in the vehicle engine. The fuel pump is driven by a compact electric motor and is located inside the vehicle's fuel tank. The pressure and output of the pump are controlled by a fuel regulator. Fuel is supplied to the car engine through the fuel lines and before the fuel reaches the fuel injector's it is filtered through the fuel filter to prevent any dirt or Debra to enter into the injectors.

When to consider replacing your fuel pump?

A high quality OEM fuel pump can run indefinitely. However, as with any other electromechanical component, the fuel pump will collapse over time and fail. If it does not create enough pressure or stops working completely, it must be replaced.

What ere the symptoms of faulty fuel pump?

Following are the symptoms of the failed fuel pump:

  • Vehicle stop unexpectedly and will not restart.
  • Engine light (EML) comes
  • Humming noise from the fuel tank.
  • Vehicle does not start.
  • Engine tries to cut off.
  • Lack of acceleration.
  • Vehicle misfires.

Can i drive with a fuel pump problem?

The fuel pump will fail slowly, which means that the pressure and volume of the fuel will slowly decrease. Lack of fuel can cause the engine to run without enough fuel in relation to the amount of air, causing the engine warning light to come on.

Driving is still safe in general, but the pump can drive an overheated engine and catalytic converter. A complete failure of the fuel pump can leave you stranded on the road, but in many cases the car won't start before you start driving.

However, if the problem with the fuel pump is related to bad or contaminated fuel or vapour leaks, it is not safe to continue driving and a qualified mechanic should check this immediately.

What are the recommendations of fuel pump replacement?

  • Before replacing, always checkthe fuel pumpby giving a direct voltage to fuel pump in order to confirm that the problem is with the fuel pump versus the faulty pump power supply.
  • If the fuel filter has not been recently replaced, a new fuel filter must be installed when replacing the fuel pump.
  • If the failure occurs earlier than expected, the power supply should be checked as a drop in voltage in the fuel pump circuit may cause overheating.
  • If the fuel tank is lowered during repairs, the fuel tank belts and fasteners should be checked for excessive corrosion and replaced as necessary.
  • The fuel in the tank cools and lubricates the fuel pump. After installing a new fuel pump, it is advisable to keep the fuel tank at least one quarter full to extend the life of the new fuel pump.

fuel pump

How much does it cost to replace fuel pump?

It depends on the vehicle’s make and model. Please type your car registration number at the top of the page to find the exact fuel pump replacement cost on your car. Makes like FordFiatHyundaiHondapeugeotvauxhall LexusAlfa RomeoMercedes BMW,or hyundai can cost between £ 290 and £ 990 at an authorized dealer. 

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