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Fuel pressure regulator replacement


What is fuel pressure regulator and how it works?

Car’s must be driven at specific fuel pressure. The regulator controls and regulates the fuel pressure and if there is excess amount of fuel in the fuel line it returns excess fuel back to the tank. The regulator is important to ensure that the injectors are working properly. If the fuel pressure regulator develops a problem or malfunction, it can cause engine flooding. In extreme cases, a flooded engine can constitute a fire hazard.

You can see liquid on the ground near the exhaust or feel unburned fuel smell. You may also notice black smoke while engine is running. The car will not only have low fuel consumption, but it will also not pass an emissions test.

How much does fuel pressure regulator replacement cost?

It depends on the vehicle’s make and model. Please type your car registration number at the top of the page to find the exact fuel pump replacement cost on your car. Makes like Ford, Fiat, Hyundai, Honda, Peugeot, Vauxhall, or Volvo can cost between £ 295 and £ 995 at an authorized dealer. 

What are the symptoms of faulty fuel pressure regulator?

Can I drive with a faulty fuel pressure regulator?

When the regulator is not functioning properly, the fuel pressure to the engine will be shut off. Pushing too much or not enough fuel into the engine. This can, for example, lead to an overly rich engine, resulting in low fuel consumption.

In extreme cases, leaks can cause the engine cylinders to flood with excess fuel. In turn, it also pollutes engine oil. This can damage the engine and lead to potentially dangerous situations.

If you experience fuel supply problems, it is advisable to inspect the regulator and fuel pressure system and, if necessary, replace the regulator. Since the fuel pressure regulator is particularly prone to deterioration over time, it should always be replaced as per the guidelines set out by your car manufacturer.

How to replace fuel pressure regulator?

fuel pressure regulator

What are the recommendation about fuel pressure regulator?

No. If the fuel pressure regulator is faulty, it can leak fuel into the engine, contaminating the engine oil. Any time you notice a potential problem with your fuel system, you should schedule an inspection. There are many signs that a fuel pressure regulator is malfunctioning and everything should be taken seriously. If you notice that your car is low in terms of mileage, gas leaks, black smoke comes out.

Following are the statistics of Fuel pressure regulator replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Vauxhall Astra £ 255.98