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Fuel Filter Replacement


What is a fuel filter and how it works?

The purpose of fuel filter in a car is to filter and clean the fuel supply such as diesel or petrol before supplying it to the engine. Fuel filter traps  tiny contaminants, such as rust particles and dirt. Fuel filter is connected to the high-pressure fuel supply line beneath the car. Most of the petrol cars filter is located inside the fuel tank and does not need replacing. Diesel vehicles have water traps as well with the fuel filter.

When to replacing the fuel filter on a car?

fuel filter

What is a cost of replacing a fuel filter?

Most petrol cars have fuel filter fitted inside the fuel tank and does not need replacing, if your have a diesel vehicle or petrol vehicle and fuel filter is located outside the fuel tank then it needs replacing at  regular intervals, The cost of replacing fuel filter depends on the vehicle make, model,part quality and the labour time to replace it, to find out the exact cost of replacing a fuel filter on your car please select your car make and model at the top of the page, we provide instant quote for car repairs and we also have a nationwide network of mobile mechanics who can come to your house or office to carry out the repair work on your vehicle. On average the fuel filter replacement cost for most cars is between £68 to £89.

Is it safe to drive with a fuel filter problem?

It depends what kind of problem is with the filter, If there is a leak from fuel filter ,get it repaired before driving the car. If clogging is suspected and engine operation is effected, get the cause investigated and resolve it as soon as possible before driving. Fuel filter problem is a serious problem its not recommended to carry on driving without getting it fixed as ignoring this problem can further damage other parts like, fuel pump, catalytic converter, dpf and lambda sensor etc.

Following are the statistics of Fuel Filter Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Mazda 6 £ 82.95
Mitsubishi LANCER £ 76.04
Mercedes-benz E Class £ 111.99
Talbot EXPRESS £ 89.98
Mini MINI £ 92.54
Ford Focus £ 92.49
Mazda 6 £ 78.49
Ford Focus £ 101.49
Ford Focus CC £ 79.89