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Fuel Door Not Opening Inspection


Fuel Door Not Opening Inspection

The fuel cap: a part of your car that you never pay much heed to. It’s one thing if the fuel door of your car is stuck open, it creates frustration, but it doesn’t impact the functioning capability of your vehicle. This accessory of your vehicle is a part that you never thought would pose such risks to your car.

Your car needs fuel to run and you won’t be able to feed your car if the fuel door won’t open and you can’t get to the cap. It’s just like if you want to eat something and your mouth refuses to open.

How the Fuel Door System Work?

The fuel door is a small square door at the side of your vehicle. When you open it, you can find the gas cap, which unscrewed will lead to the gas tank. If any part in this process falters, you can’t access the tank to refill it.

Fuel door serves a few purposes. First, it complete the look of your car. Your car won’t look good with an open fuel tank. The fuel door allows the car to complement its aesthetic touch.

Second, the fuel door protects the interior of the fuel system and protects the gas cap and gas tank from flying debris from outside or allowing any dust to enter and mix with the fuel.

What are the Common Reason for Fuel Door Not Opening?

How much it cost to get the Fuel Door repaired?

A top-notch, experienced professional from our ranks can visit your home or office on your call and run a sanity test on your car to determine the cause of fuel door getting stuck. The mechanic will provide all the details about the repair, fix and price in his inspection report.