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Fuel Door Not Closing Inspection


Fuel Door Not Closing Inspection

A door refusing to close in a car is always a nuisance. It creates problems for the smooth functioning of the system. Although a fuel door not closing is not as vital a problem as the driver or passenger doors, but to those who enjoy a car in its perfect condition, this creates frustration, and it looks bad and unmaintained from the outside.

Thankfully, it's not that much big problem and is an easy fix.

How the Fuel Door Works?

The fuel door covers the top of the fuel tank, and when opened it leads to the fuel/gas cap. After that the attendant will unscrew the fuel cap and access the fuel tank when you want it to be refilled. The gas tank holds the gas necessary to run your car. The function of the door on the outside of the gas tank is to protect and insulate the gas cap and the tank and not let any dirt or debris enter the gas chamber.

The fuel door also serves to complete the look and exterior of your car. Majority of the doors possess a tight cord in their system that releases to allow the fuel door to open, and when tightened it closes the fuel door.

What are the Common Reasons Fuel Door Won’t Close?

There are three main reasons behind the fuel getting stuck when opened. They are listed below.

What to Expect During Inspection of Fuel Door?

A mechanic can be called to home or office who will come and pay an inspection to your car for any faults in the system. After the thorough inspection, he will provide you with a analysis report including all the details.

How Much Will It Cost to Get Fuel Door Repaired?

The fuel door of your car can be fixed easily and cheaply. The mechanic will write it in his inspection report if it needs changing and also tell you the price if you want to change it.