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Fuel Cap Not Coming Off Inspection


Fuel Cap Not Coming Off Inspection

A stuck fuel cap/gas cap does not pose a threat or indicate some serious problem in your car, but it sure does frustrate the driver. Imagine stopping for a refill and in a long queue and on your turn the fuel cap won’t come off. It is embarrassing, wastes time, and should be avoided. You will not be able to put fuel in your tank if the fuel cap is not coming off.

Its highly unlikely that the fuel cap just gets stuck without a reason and won’t come off, but things happen. If it does, instead of headbutting with it, please call a mechanic to have a look and get a professional to open it for you.

How the fuel cap works?

The functionality of the fuel tank and the system the fuel cap runs under is pretty simple and straightforward. The cap has an outward thread like a bolt system, while there are inward-facing threading on the head of the tank to help the cap seal on it. The fuel cap screws itself on those inward threading on the body of the tank, which helps in keeping the gas securely inside the tank while also keeping the debris or any dust particles from entering into the gas chamber. When you want to unscrew the cap, it should easily and smoothly come off.

What are the common reasons for stuck fuel cap?

There are several reasons for the fuel cap to get stuck. Some are mentioned below.

How much it cost to get the fuel cap fixed?

Our expert mobile mechanic will visit your place and inspect your car to determine what is causing the fuel cap to get stuck. He will unscrew the cap with a specialty wrench and determine what caused the problem. After the inspection, the mechanic will decide it needs repairing, cleaning, or a change is required.

In the inspection report afterward, he will also mention the price of the services he has provided.