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Fuel Cap Not Clicking or Tightening Inspection


Fuel Cap Not Clicking or Tightening Inspection

While driving a car one of the most frustrating yet alarming things is “Check Engine Warning Light” coming on. This warning light should never be taken lightly. Sometime this indicates towards a bigger and serious problem under the hood while sometimes its as simple as a fuel cap not clicking or getting tight. If the gas cap/fuel cap won’t sit in its place well, the warning light on the dashboard will tell you of the problem.

Most of the times its just getting out and tightening it yourself as you might have forgotten to tighten it after refueling your car. But sometimes it may need replacing because of a faulty fuel cap that won’t fit anymore or it needs cleaning for rust and dirt.

How fuel cap works?

The fuel cap in your car is a simple, very simple lid that functions as a screw top. Unlike from, let say, mason jar the fuel cap in a car has threads, rather than the tank, which makes the cap tighten around the engine more securely. The purpose of the fuel cap, as obvious by the name, is to contain the gas in the chamber and keep it secure. It is not to let the gas from leaving the tank in any way.

If there is no cap or the gas cap is not working properly, the gas can leave the tank or evaporate and is major reason for the freak accidents around the world. The leaking gas can easily cause fire or explosion and damage your car from inside.

What are the common reasons for fuel cap to malfunction?

What can it cost to fix fuel cap?

The price quote can be obtained from the top of the page by selecting your car alongside the name of the service you want.