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wiper motor replacement


What is a wiper motor and how it works?

The wiper motor drives the wiper arms to move through the glass to clean the water and debris with the wiper blades. The connection to the arms is direct or via a wiper link.

The wiper motor is a small but powerful electric motor that is activated by the controller, either using the column mounted wiper stem or by a separate switch. Some vehicles are equipped with rain detection devices that will automatically start the wiper motor for the driver.

Power is supplied to the wiper motor through a fuse and relay, depending on the position of the switch, can produce intermittent wipes, standard speed wipes, or quick wipes depending on the requirements of the conditions.

What are the common symptoms of faulty wiper motor?

When should I consider replacing the wiper motor?

Since the wiper is a vital piece of vehicle safety equipment and a legal requirement, as soon as any issues arise get it fixed soon as possible. Don't drive with faulty windscreen wiper components, even on a dry sunny day, as conditions can change anytime and can cause a serious trouble.

How common is the replacement of a wiper motor?

Since the motor is used frequently, wear will eventually cause a malfunction, just like any other electric motor. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an engine to be replaced one or more times during the life of the vehicle, depending on the conditions.


How can I extend the life of my wiper motor?

How much does it cost to replace the wiper motor?

The cost of a wiper motor replacement depends on the vehicle's make and model, please type in your car registration at the top of the page to find out the exact cost on your car.

Following are the statistics of wiper motor replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Nissan QASHQAI £ 324.58
Vauxhall Corsa £ 281.32
Renault Clio £ 222.25
Volkswagen Jetta £ 227.89
Volkswagen Polo £ 274.89
Renault Clio £ 234.89
Vauxhall Corsavan £ 165.60
Nissan Qashqai £ 300.74
Honda CR-V £ 340.21