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Front Crankshaft Seal Replacement

How Does the Front Crankshaft Seal Function?

There are several intricate mechanisms in place working in unison to make the wheel move. One among them is “Crankshaft” that converts the rotary motion into linear motion, i.e., the crankshaft converts the power produced by the engine’s pistons while moving up and down into a power form moving in a circular motion causing the wheels of the car to move. This component is of the engine is encased in a “Crankcase” – which is the largest cavity in the engine compartment right underneath the cylinders. The crankshaft must always be fully lubricated and totally submerged in the oil to spin in a frictionless manner and keep doing its job properly.

Other than this, there are seals present at both ends of the crankshaft allowing for a free and correct movement while also keeping the engine oil from escaping from the engine block. The crankshaft also prevents the contaminants or any kind of debris from ever entering the engine block and damaging the mechanism in any way. As there are two ends of each of the crankshaft, there are two types of crankshaft seals present.

Both these are also known as the main crankshaft seal and the rear main seals.

What to keep in mind while checking the Front crankshaft seal?

What are expert’s recommendations while replacing the front crankshaft seal?

What is the price of replacing the front crankshaft seal?

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