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Faulty Traction Control Light Inspection


Faulty Traction Control Light Inspection

The traction control system in your car is there to aid the driver while he drives in worse weather conditions such as snow, rain, ice, or while driving on poorly maintained roads. When the traction control system is not working, there is a warning light on the dashboard that will alert you of the problem.

What does the traction control light look like?

The warning light connected to the traction control typically looks like the shape of the acronyms “TC”. Sometimes the light is a small illuminated diagram of the car losing the control. You will find this light in the cluster of the warning lights present in the dashboard.

How does the traction control system works?

Traction control uses the speed sensors located at the wheels of your car to detect when one or more wheels of your car are losing grip or traction. When the car’s system registers a loss of traction in one wheel or more than one wheel, the onboard computer will focus all the power to the tires that remain in the solid contact with the road saving the car from skidding.

What are the common reasons for faulty traction control light?

Below is a list of the major reasons your car can traction control system can stop working.

What to expect during the inspection of faulty traction control light?

Out top-rated mechanic will come to the place of your convenience and will give your car a thorough check. To check the faults in the traction control system, he might have to test drive your car. After his inspection, he will provide a detailed inspection report listing all the possible reasons of the irregular behavior and a possible fix.

How much does it cost to fix traction control light?

After the inspection, the mechanic can be consulted to get a detailed price quote for his services.