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Fan Speed Control Is Not Working Inspection


Fan Speed Control Is Not Working Inspection

If the fan speed control of your car is not working, the most likely cause behind the failure is a problem in the fan speed control. The failure of fan speed control is the failing of resistor at the fan’s motor. There can be other reasons why the fan speed control has stopped working, such as a faltering control switch or a burned-out fan motor.

How the Blower Motor Resistor Works?

The blower motor reduces or increases the rate of air coming through the dashboard vents based on the selected fan speed. But actually, resistors are what's controlling the amount of current letting in the motor.

If the resistor wears out there is nothing to control the flow and the fan will either run at full speed or at its slowest or in some cases it won’t run at all.

What are the Common Reasons Fan Speed Control Could Not Be Working?

Among the main reasons of your car’s controls not working are

The motor that is running the fan in the car’s AC and heating system is called “Blower Motor”. This motor resides in the dashboard mostly opposite the steering wheel or on the firewall in the engine compartment.

In modern cars, the blower motor resistor or the control module are installed inside one of the HVAC ducts, that are very close to the blower motor. This is done to keep the control module cooled down at all times by the passing air. In most of the older cars, blower motor can be found under the hood.

How Much will it Cost to Fix Fan Speed Control?

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