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Exhaust manifold replacement


What is exhaust manifold and how it works?

Depending on your engine and vehicle type, the exhaust manifold can be either a pipe set or a cast iron manifold set. Essentially, the exhaust manifold takes the burned exhaust gases from the engine cylinders and expels them through the exhaust system and through the car's exhaust pipe. Exhaust gases are the fuel and air residues burned from the combustion process in the engine's cylinders. Over time, the constant expansion and contraction of components can cause the manifold to crack and leak. These leaks can be dangerous because hot exhaust gases escape and can damage other components in the engine compartment such as oxygen sensors, intake manifolds, throttle body, auxiliary belt, alternator and other electric wiring etc. A leaky exhaust manifold can also have an impact on engine performance.The exhaust manifold is a component bolted to the engine block, It also includes an exhaust manifold gasket and is secured in place with multiple bolts.

What are the symptoms of faulty or cracked exhaust manifold?

Following are the symptoms of faulty or leaked exhaust manifold:

Can I drive with a leaked or faulty exhaust manifold?

A leaky exhaust manifold is a health and safety problem. Hot exhaust gases escaping from the engine can be a fire hazard by melting nearby plastic components in the engine compartment.

What are the recommendations of exhaust manifold replacement?

The exhaust manifold transfers the burned gases from the engine. It is located in a high temperature area and will eventually leak. There is no way to prevent it, due to extreme temperature fluctuations within the engine exhaust manifold is particularly prone to wear. The exhaust manifold may develop a crack over time, or alternatively a leak may occur due to a broken mounting bolt. All this can lead to reduced performance.

If you have problems like the ones mentioned above, it is important that you inspect the exhaust manifold. In these cases, the exhaust manifold may need to be replaced.

exhaust manifold

What is the cost of exhaust manifold replacement?

The cost of an exhaust manifold replacement depends on your car make and model, Sometimes an exhaust manifold starts leaking because a mounting bolt breaks. If this happens, the mechanic will have to remove the bolt or the broken bolt, which can increase the labour time required to resolve the problem. Your mechanic may charge you additional fees, depending on the severity of the situation.
To find out the exact cost of replacing exhaust manifold on your car please type your car registration number at the top of the page.