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Exhaust manifold gasket replacement


What is exhaust manifold gasket?

Exhaust manifold is a part of engines exhaust emission system, Exhaust manifold is made up of cast iron or steel and is bolted on the engine cylinder head and to prevent any exhaust gas leakage a gasket is used between the point of contact of engine cylinder head and exhaust manifold, this gasket is known as exhaust manifold gasket.

The exhaust manifold collect the burnt exhaust gases from the engine's cylinders and delivers them to exhaust pipe . Due to the constant exhaust gases heat the exhaust manifold gasket deteriorates and finally starts leaking which can be a potential danger to other components of engine. It also affects the performance of the engine and gives a poor fuel economy.

What are the symptoms of leak exhaust manifold gasket?


Can I drive with a leak or failing exhaust manifold gasket ?


No. A leaking exhaust manifold is a health and safety problem, Hot exhaust gases escaping from the engine can create a fire hazard. If you notice any of the above symptoms in your car simply get is inspected by a specialist to prevent any inconvenience.


What is a cost of replacing exhaust manifold gasket?


The cost of exhaust manifold gasket replacement depends on the vehicle's make and model, please type in your car registration at the top of the page to find out the exact cost on your car.

A typical mid-priced brand like FordFiatHondavauxhall or Hyundai can cost between £ 120 and £ 250 at an authorized dealer.
If you drive  models like a LexusAlfa RomeoMercedes or BMW, then you can expect prices to rise anywhere up to £ 250– £ 450.

Following are the statistics of Exhaust manifold gasket replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Vauxhall Viva £ 115.36
Smart FORTWO PASSION 71 AUTO £ 177.96
Vauxhall Corsavan £ 115.36
Ford Ka £ 140.98