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Engine Oil is Leaking Inspection


Engine Oil is Leaking Inspection

Nobody wants to smell the sharp scent of oil in a vehicle while driving. A driver can sense danger while driving with such an unpleasant scent of the oil. The vehicle should be inspected if it smells of oil to determine the source of the problem and fix it.

The causes of smell can be very simple. Leaking gasket or poorly done oil change can be the reason for the bad smell of oil in a vehicle. Whatever may the reason be, the problem in a car must be pinpointed and resolved before you drive your car again.

How the engine oil functions?

One of the main function of engine oil is to lubricate the various moving part of a vehicle that the engine consists of. Both the wear and tear and heat is created by the continuous friction between these moving parts. Engine oil helps to remove the heat and ease the friction.

Oil flows through the oil pan. The oil pan holds almost 4 to 6 quarts of oil. The oil pump sucks engine oil up through the pickup tube when the engine is started. The oil is then passed on to the engine through spurt oil, but before all this, the oil is sent to the oil filter, which removes any dirt and wreckages from it.

What are the common reasons for the smell of oil in cars?

How much it costs to fix the smell of oil in a car?

Our mechanic will visit your home to determine the cause of the smell. He will check the engine gaskets, the type of oil, oil plugs, and other components that can be the reasons behind the smell of oil. After all the inspection, our mechanic will provide a detailed inspection report that includes the cost of the necessary repairs.