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Engine Idle Speed High or Low Inspection


What is Engine Idle Speed & How to maintain it?

The idle speed of the engine is the speed measured in rotation per minute (RPM) an engine runs at when it fully warmed up, and the car is stopped in neutral or park. Ideally, the idle speed of a car will be set at anything in between 600 to 800 RPMs, but the exact calculation can only be measured knowing the number of engine cylinders in your car and whether your car is equipped with the manual transmission or automatic.

This speed is maintained via throttle body working in pair with the car’s powertrain control module.

When to Check for Idle Speed Issues?

There can be several indicators for you to check under your hood. Some of them are listed below;

How Do Mechanics Repair Incorrect Idling Speed?

How much can it Cost to Repair Idling Speed?

Our mobile mechanic can visit your home or office or any place you want and will thoroughly inspect your car for any faults in idling speed. After inspection, he will provide a detailed report also including the price.