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Electric window winder mechanism replacement


What  is window motor mechanism / assembly and how it works?

There are two types of window winder mechanisms used in vehicles. Manual window winder and a motorised window winder mechanism. It is a combination of several parts joined together in such a way that when the winder mechanism is rotated clock wise window glass moves up and when the winder is rotated anti clock wise the window glass moves down.

In manual mechanism the rotation of the mechanish is achieved by a wining handle and in motorised this work is done by a motor.

There are two types of the mechanism.

window regulator

What are the signs of faulty window winder mechanism? 

Following are the symptoms of the failing or faulty window winder mechanism:

If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms in your car get your car window winder mechanism checked by a professional mechanic. Once a window winder regulator completely stops working, it rarely starts to work again and needs replacement of the mechanism, unless other problems, which can be identified by one professional mechanic.

How much does it cost to replace window winder mechanism on a car?

Repair of the window winder mechanism depends on the make, model and type of mechanism used on the vehicle.
A typical mid-priced brand like FordFiatHyundaiHonda, Peugeot, or Vauxhall can cost between £ 220 and £ 570 at an authorized dealer.
If you drive a luxury model like a LexusAlfa RomeoMercedes or BMW, then you can expect prices to rise anywhere up to £ 350– £ 750.
At the top end of the scale, for those of you lucky enough to drive a PorscheLotus, or Jaguar, you can expect to pay up to £ 400– £ 1200 for the job.