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Car Door Lock Actuator Replacement


How Does the Door Lock Actuator Work?

A door lock actuator is a vital component in the electronic door that functions to lock and unlock the car’s door. When the button to lock or unlock the door is pressed from the key fob, the actuator is triggered by the door lock switch. A relatively small motor then puts a series of several gears into motion. The last gear is connected to a set of rack and pinion gears whose function is to converts the rotational motion of the motor into vertical motion that is necessary for locking or unlocking the door.

What to Keep in Mind While Inspecting Car Door Lock Actuator?

Some modern cars in the market possess a complete door lock assembly, which a mechanic cannot separate into individual components. If there is any error in these cars, a separate component cannot be replaced, and the whole assembly will have to be replaced. Most of the time, the actuator in the system malfunctions. Keep an eye out for the working of the actuator if you feel any part of the system malfunctioning. Book an appointment with a professional mechanic to get your locking system checked.

What are the Common Symptoms that Indicate the Need to Replace the Door Lock Actuator?

How Much Can It Cost to Fix Car Door Lock Actuator?

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