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Dim Headlights Inspection


Dim Headlights Inspection

Headlights are made essentially for nights to work when driving in the rain, snow, fog, or in the pitch black, where no single light is available on the road. They ensure your safety by alerting other drivers of your presence and by providing 100% visibility. Make sure that the safety of other road users and yourself, switching your headlights to proper settings according to weather, location, and time of the day is essential. If your headlights are not working correctly, you need to check all the possible fault that needs to be adjusted.

How do Headlights work?

The bulbs used in every vehicle almost works on the same principle, no matter what type they have. Connecters are used to connect headlights to the engine wiring harness, and they are fixed to the frame of your car.

Headlights work with bulbs and batteries. The light works when the power is sent to the bulb from batteries, making filaments of the bulb heat up and glow, enlightening the bulb for the driver to see the road. Their working is identical to the light bulb at your home. 

The causes of dim lights can be identified by the broken filament, low battery, disruption in the flow of electricity through the circuit like broken wire, etc. If your car’s bulb is acting up, the problem is most likely with the wiring connected to the bulb, then the bulb itself. 

What are the Common Reasons Behind Low Headlights?


How Much Can It Cost to Fix Dim Headlights?

The price range varies according to problem identification, which can be determined and fixed after a thorough examination of the vehicle. To estimate the price of the service, please visit the top of the page and select your car.