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DPF Cleaning, Regeneration & Replacement


What is DPF all about?

A DPF filter is installed in diesel cars to clean the exhaust gases before they are released into the atmosphere. It is part of the exhaust system and basically looks like an exhaust muffler. The DPF cleans the exhaust gases by capturing and storing harmful exhaust soot. During a automatic regeneration process the dpf filter is cleaned by burning the soot accumulated in the dpf filter.Compared to gasoline engines, diesels burn fuel differently, resulting in the creation of soot as a by product of the combustion process. This substance is quite harmful to the environment; This is why legislation was introduced in 2009 to help reduce CO₂ emissions from cars. Since then, all cars with diesel engines must be equipped with a DPF. DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter and is responsible for capturing harmful soot and reducing emissions. However, a DPF has a limited capacity and therefore must be cleaned regularly; otherwise, the DPF cannot do its job effectively and gets blocked.

What are the signs of blocked DPF?

TFollowing are the signs that indicates a blocked DPF:

If your DPF is blocked or there is something wrong with it, a yellow, orange or red light will appear on your dashboard with a similar symbol as shown below. This symbol varies from car to car, so if you're not sure, consult your manual.


What is a cost of DPF Cleaning,regeneration and replacement?

There are two different ways to clean DPF. First one is DPf regeneration and second method is DPF physical clean. Most garages can do what is called forced regeneration to clean your stuck DPF; which, the cost for DPF regeneration in the UK is between £ 78.50 To £150.

If the regeneration process does not unblock your dpf you need to carry out second method know as  DPF physical clean, in this method a special DPF cleaning liquid id poured into the DPF to unblock it. In most cases this method works but there are still chances that the DPF is blocked to the extent which needs replacement of DPF only.

If this fails, you may need to replace your DPF, which can cost anywhere from £ 550 to £ 2500. Smart Servicing Centre offers DPF Regeneration and DPF Cleaning Services to help solve Diesel Particulate Filter problems. We can also help you with DPF replacements.

What are the causes of clogged DPF?

When the DPF fails to regenerate itself automatically because of the local or short journeys carried out on the vehicle. The soot does not burn properly, Thisin turns leads to a clogged DPF. Typically, the system locks up in cases where the vehicle is primarily used for short trips or at low speeds, such as stop-start traffic in cities. Under these conditions, the system cannot achieve the conditions necessary to burn the soot and clean the DPF.

What happens when I book a DPF cleaning service?

Mechanic will review the DPF history diagnostics and verify that the filter has not completed a regeneration. If this is the case, the mechanic will use diagnostic inspection tool to force a regeneration process and complete it.

If a DPF has become too clogged for forced regeneration, a thorough cleaning of the physical DPF of the system will be required to remove the soot. Specially designed fluids are added to the system, either through the intake or, in some cases, through the fuel to clean the unit. In some severe cases, it may be necessary to physically remove the DPF from the vehicle to pass through the filter, again using specific chemicals to do so.

Is it legal to remove DPF from a vehicle?

Although a DPF can be removed, it is not legal to drive a vehicle without one if the car manufacturer has installed one in the vehicle. MOT will fail on any vehicle where there is evidence that an emissions filter has been removed from a vehicle.

Can I drive with the DPF warning light on?

YES. But failure to clean the filter or install a new DPF if necessary will clog the exhaust which in turn will seriously damage your engine. First light that comes on is to use the active regeneration method. It means driving on a highway for just half an hour. Soot particles will build up quickly causing more problems with your exhaust system and other components like catalytic converter, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, lambda sensor and exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR vale). The drop in performance will be noticeable and expensive, as you will need more fuel to run your vehicle.

Following are the statistics of DPF Cleaning, Regeneration & Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Renault TRAFIC £ 597.98