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Defroster Is Not Working Inspection


Defroster Is Not Working Inspection

The defrosting system of a car is a vital component of your car’s winter arsenal. It’s an absolute necessity to pass the winter months with all your frosted opaque windshield. It can be immensely dangerous to drive with your windshield or even rear window frosted. No way of cleaning them in time makes it ten folds dangerous for the driver and others on the road.

A driver can, in no way, compromise the visibility. There can be various factors or things that can go wrong, leading to an improper defrosting system. These problems can range from a blocked venting system to a faulty heater core.

How the Defrosting System Works?

There are two defrosters in the car. One at the “Front” end while the other at the “Rear” end.

Front Defroster
The front defroster uses the same blower motor, venting system, and the fan that the air conditioning system of the car uses. Air passes through the heater, and then dry air from the evaporator is added to it and taken to remove the frosting at the windshield.  

Rear Defroster
In most of the modern vehicles, tinny electrical wires are passing alongside the rear window. When current flows through them, these wires heat up. That heat helps the defrosting of the window.

That current produces a very low amount of heat so that someone does not burn their hand if they touch the window.

What Are the Common Reasons For Defroster to Stop Working?

Front Defroster

Rear Defroster

What can it Cost to Get Defroster Fixed?

The price of the service can depend on the make and model of your car and the services needed. The cost will include all the parts that are used during the repair. To get an idea about the price, please visit the top of the page.