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Cruise Control Not Working Inspection


Cruise Control Not Working Inspection

Cruise control can save the sanity of your mind with its utmost convenience while on long routes or on the highway. Sit back, let your footloose, and relax after setting the speed you want and let your car do the heavy lifting for you. Your car will maintain the speed once you have set it.

More modern cruise controls allows your car to keep running at a specific speed while maintaining its distance from the car in front of it. When the system fails, it can be frustrating but imagine it failing while tailing a car using the cruise control, it could prove fatal.

A sudden failure will mean your vehicle keeps decelerating rapidly while on the road. Keep your senses in check even when the cruise control is running perfectly. A vigilant driver is a safe driver.

How Cruise Control Works?

Cruise control systems are rapidly changing with growing technology. New cars in the market uses full-electric support to maintain the speed and distance from the cars in front. All these functions are being controlled by the car’s onboard computer called ECU (Electric Control Unit). Older cars used ECC (Electromechanical Cruise Control). This setup uses a vacuum actuator that is physically connected to the throttle by chain or a cable.

The cable is adjusted to verily increase or decrease the position of the throttle based upon the actuator’s actions. A mechanic can guide you better, which setup your car is running.

What Are the Common Reasons Cruise Control Stops Working?

What Will It Cost to Cruise Control Fixed?

Our qualified mobile mechanic will visit your home or office and can check your car for any faults in the cruise control system. He will determine the source and the cause of the problem. The mechanic will then provide a quote for the services. We provide services all over the UK.