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Crankshaft Pulley Harmonic Balancer Replacement

What is a crankshaft harmonic balancer?

The crankshaft Pulley also known as harmonic balancer is connected to the crankshaft of the engine, it reduces engine vibration and serves as pulleys with drive belt. The crankshaft pulley is a combination's of aluminium and rubber and it needs replacement after a certain level of use. Any problem with the harmonic balancer means that it needs to be replaced.


What are the symptoms faulty or broken crankshaft harmonic balancer?

All the belt driven components such as power steering, AC stops working
The crankshaft harmonic balancer is connected to the crankshaft and absorbs much of the vibration caused by the engine. The motor provides a large amount of power delivered to the crankshaft, which transfers power to the transmission. The harmonic balancer is responsible for absorbing part of the force created by the engine, so that the crankshaft does not absorb everything. When the harmonic balancer fails, the crankshaft receives all the vibration from the motor and is prone to serious damage.

If you feel any of the above mensioned symptoms in your car, get it diagnosed by a professional mechanic to avoid any further damage to your car.

What is the cost of crankshaft pulley replacement?

The crankshaft pulley replacement cost, also known as harmonic balancer replacement, depends on the car make, model, part, and labor time to replace the crankshaft pulley. As the labor time and part price are not same for all makes and models, it's impossible to give the exact replacement cost of the crankshaft pulley. To find out the exact cost of a crankshaft pulley replacement on your car, simply select your car make and model at the top of the page.

On average, most of the mid-range vehicle's crankshaft pulley replacement is between £175 to £445. If you need a mechanic for crankshaft pulley replacement on your vehicle. In that case, you can find a mechanic from the smart servicing centre who can come to your house or office to carry out the repair work, and it's convenient and cheaper than going to a garage.

Following are the statistics of Crankshaft Pulley Harmonic Balancer Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Honda CR-V £ 468.89
Renault MEGANE £ 348.89
Bmw 120 £ 332.38
Bmw X3 £ 186.88
Bmw 3 Series £ 229.98