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Cooling/Radiator Fan Motor Replacement

How Does the Cooling/Radiator Fan Motor Function?

The engine of your car is constantly burning fuel. This process creates immense heat, and in the process, the engine gets extremely hot. The cooling system in the engine is responsible for carrying away all that heat from the engine and out of the car to the outside air. The cooling fan motor works to power the cooling fan that keeps the engine from overheating. This fan can be found inside the engine compartment, at either end of the radiator. The fan cools the coolant as the fluid is passing through the radiator. The coolant solution flows throughout the engine, and it is also responsible for collecting the extra heat by absorbing it and also preventing the engine from overheating in the process.

The fan works to blows the air from the outside and passes through the radiator. If the cooling/radiator fan motor and the fan has stopped working for any reason, the engine can overheat quickly as the coolant will remain hot and will not carry away the extra heat.

What are Expert’s Recommendations While Inspecting Cooling Fan Motor?

What are the Common Symptoms of Faulty Cooling Fan Motor?

What is the Price of Fixing Cooling Fan Motor?

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