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Coolant level sensor replacement

What is coolant level sensor and how it works?

Coolant level sensor monitors the coolant level in the expansion tank. There are two levels on the coolant tank one is minimum level and other one is maximum level, the coolant level should be above the minimum level at all times in order to maintain normal engine temperature. If the coolant level drops below minimum level, coolant level sensor alerts the driver and prevent overheating or engine damage. Coolant level sensors may consist of a plastic sensor with a plastic or foam float located under the coolant reservoir cap. Or it could be plastic sensors that connect to the radiator or some other component in the cooling system.

Some vehicles are equipped with a low coolant warning light or coolant check light, while others may display a photo of the vehicle with a red dot in the engine compartment. This is to inform the driver that the coolant needs to be checked or that there is a fault in the sensor.

What are the symptoms of faulty coolant level sensor?

Is it safe to drive with coolant level low warning light?

No. It is very important to get the problem diagnosed immediately before any further damage occurs, including unwanted loss of coolant. engine overheating, thermostat, water-pump and other major problems. Find a mechanic and get the problem fixed before driving the vehicle otherwise you end up paying for head gasket replacement.


What is a cost of replacing a coolant level sensor?

The cost of replacing coolant level sensor depends on the car you driving and the shop you book repair with, in some models coolant level sensor comes as a part of expansion tank. Select your car make and model at the top of the page to find out the exact cost of replacing coolant level sensor on your vehicle