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Clutch Pedal Touching The Floor Inspection


Clutch pedal touching the floor Inspection

Just like your brake pedal, your clutch pedal too should have a firm feel about it when you press it. It should offer resistance as you push it toward the floor direction and should stop right before touching the floorboard of the car. When you press the clutch pedal, you should also be able to shift between the gears.

However, if there is a fault in the clutch pedal and it is going all the way and touching the floorboard, and you can’t also shift your gear, there is a problem with the clutch system. The fault depends on the type of clutch system you are using in your car.

How the Clutch System Works?

There can be two types of clutch systems working in the manually transmitting cars.

Cable system clutch was popular a few years back, but not a hydraulic system has caught attention, so there is an equal chance that you can have either under your hood.

The simplest way to differentiate is by opening the hood and observe if you can spot two parts that look like a master cylinder. One is master cylinder for braking system, and the other is a master cylinder for the clutch system. If you don’t see both, you must have a cable operated clutch.

What can be the Problem with the Clutch?

Cable Operated Clutch

If you have a cable operated clutch system, there are major chances that your cable has broken. This is very common and happens too often unless you are changing the cable periodically. The cable in the clutch system runs from the clutch pedal to the clutch assembly and permits engaging the clutch and gears.

Hydraulic Clutch

If you have a hydraulic clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder are most likely acting up. If the fluid is low in these cylinders, you won’t be able to change the gears.

What are the Common Reasons for Clutch Pedal Touching the Floor?

What can it Cost to Get the Clutch Fixed?

A top-rated mechanic will come to your home and inspect your car for any faults in the clutch system. After the inspection, he will provide you a report containing the breakdown of the problem, its fix and a price quote.