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Clicking or Popping Sound Coming from Wheels Inspection


Clicking or Popping Sound Coming from Wheels Inspection

Hearing noises from your car has never been a good omen. All it will take is a serious tire problem rendering your vehicle dangerous to drive, and all this will start from some “noise” that you will constantly hear at the back of your ear when you are driving. It is wise to never ignore any noises coming from your vehicle, especially from the major parts of the car, such as tires or engine etc. If you hear clicking or popping sounds from your tires, maybe its time to pay the mechanic his due visit.

How Does the Noise from Tires Originate?

Even though it sounds like the clicking or popping sound is coming from the wheels, but it’s the other attached parts you should be worrying about. For example, the steering system of our cars is of a complex nature with many different moving parts, and any faulty part can cause strange noises.


What are the Common Reasons for Noise from Wheels?

There are many reasons that can result in such noises from the wheel system of your car. Some of the major ones are:

These pointers indicate to a major problem on its way. Book a schedule with your mechanic before any serious problem occurs with your car.

What to Expect During Inspection of Noise from Wheels?

A top-notch professional can be hired who will visit your home and thoroughly inspect your car for any signs and source of the noises from the wheels. To determine the source of clicking and popping sounds from your wheels, he will run some sanity tests on the steering system and suspension. Struts and CV joints can also be the culprit, so a complete sweep is mandatory.

How much it can Cost to Fix Noises from Wheels?

To get a proper quote on our services and how much it can cost to get the noises from the wheels repaired, please visit the top of the page and select your car.