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Check Engine Light inspection


Check Engine Light inspection 

The check engine light, if turned on, is the most confusing error that you will ever see in your car. Why? Because the light among your dashboard cluster offers no explanation whatsoever about why there is suddenly a problem in engine? How severe it is? Or what is causing it. Engine is the heart of the car and any problem in it can cause whole vehicle to malfunction but problem in the engine can be as small as a loose gas cap or a non-functioning catalytic converter.

How Check Engine Light Works?

The location and the color of this little light can vary according to the vehicles but in most cases this dashboard warning light is shaped liked an engine and blinks in a bright yellow color. It can also have a word “Check” etched into its design.

This indicating light is a part of “Onboard Diagnostics (OBD-II) system and in all the cases it points towards a problem with your emission system. Basically, it can also be called emission monitoring system which can stay solid or blink.

If the Indicator Blinks?

In such cases when the indicator is blinking, the problem is serious. It can be as severe as acute misfiring engine. Get your vehicle checked immediately.

If the Indicator Stays Solid?

In this case, problem is not that severe, and you can keep driving but schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

What are the Common Reasons Check Engine Light Can Turn On?


What to Expect During Inspection if Check Engine Light is on?

A mechanic will identify the problem that caused check engine light to turn on and then inspect your car thoroughly for the source and cause of the problem. Mechanic will also provide a detailed analysis report after his inspection.

What Can It Cost to Fix Illuminated Check Engine Light?

The price depends on the reasons why the light is turned on and if any faulty part needs replacing. There can be several things in an engine that cause problem and our qualified mechanic will inspect all the problems and eradicate them. Please visit the top of the page to see a price list for our services.