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Catalytic converter replacement


What is a catalytic converter and how it works?

The catalytic converter is an emissions related component installed in the exhaust pipe of any combustion engine. Its purpose is to superheat the unburned particles in the exhaust gases that are expelled from the engine. When the engine is running, the catalytic converter is heated to an operating temperature of 550 to 1200 ° F. At this temperature, particles from the engine combustion become vapour and carbon dioxide. The catalyst inside the catalytic converter is made of precious metals like platinum, rhodium or palladium. When the catalyst cannot burn unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust, an unpleasant odour or misfire may occur and  the Check Engine Light come on.

The catalytic converter  is the key part of the car's exhaust system, responsible for reducing the toxic emissions your engine produces into less harmful pollutants. Through a chemical reaction, toxic emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are transformed into less harmful gases before being emitted by the exhaust gases.

The core of a catalytic converter is made of ceramic blocks that have a porous structure. These pores are covered with catalysts containing the precious metals platinum, rhodium, and palladium, which work best when heated, hence the location next to the engine. During a trip, toxic exhaust gases pass through heated pores, causing a chemical reaction and breaking down into less harmful substances.


What are the symptoms of faulty or failing catalytic converter?

Following are the symptoms which indicates that something is wrong with the catalytic converter of your car:

Can I drive with a faulty catalytic converter?

Catalytic converters are designed to have a long service life, but over time pores can become blocked or overheating can cause physical damage.A damaged catalytic converter will emit more toxic pollution into the atmosphere.If the catalytic converter stops working the way it should, your car will emit more toxic pollutants, possibly above legal limits. Cars whose exhaust gases exceed these limits will fail their emission test done in an MOT.

A bad catalytic converter will certainly have an impact on other parts of your car, starting with the engine that cannot turn freely. As a result, you will have to burn more and more fuel to properly fuel your engine to the point where your car is impossible to drive. Another impact of a bad catalytic converter can be overheating that damages the parts around it.

Why catalytic converters are stolen?

Catalytic converters contain expensive and precious metals, palladium and platinum, making them a target for theft. As the price of these metals increases, so does the number of thefts from catalytic converters. As part of the exhaust system, they are relatively easy to access, especially in Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, and Ford MPV vehicles. Theft of the catalytic converter not only leaves you with the cost of replacing it, but you will also have to deal with any other damage caused by the act of removal such as lambda sensors and dpf.

How to protect  catalytic converter from theft?

There is not much you can do to prevent catalytic theft, simply try to park your car in such a way that accessing your car's catalytic converter becomes difficult. Park closer to walls, other vehicles, or near the side walk, to make it harder to get under your car.

catalytic converter

How much does it cost to replace  catalytic converter ?

It depends on the make and model of your car. The bigger the engine and exhaust system, the more likely you are to be hit with a higher number. To find out the exact cost of catalytic converter on your vehicle please enter your car registration number at the top of the page. The price of the part can only be very expensive as it include this selection of precious metals after all, and that's before you included the cost of installation.Below are some rough numbers to give you a rough idea:

For most modern cars you should expect a figure of between £ 470 to £950. Keep in mind that franchise and dealer costs will show up at the top of the scale regardless of your car, so always shop around and pick a trustworthy and trusted mechanic to do the job.

Small cars will be on the low end, between £ 270 and £470. Bigger estate models from big brands will be slightly closer to £ 380- £550 and luxury or sport options will get you priced over £ 600.

Following are the statistics of Catalytic converter replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Vauxhall Corsavan £ 406.12
Citroen C1 £ 318.67
Ford Fiesta £ 449.54
Ford Fiesta £ 1225.98
Volkswagen Caddy £ 535.87
Citroen Berlingo £ 836.96
Mazda 6 £ 558.62
Daewoo Kalos £ 182.54
Toyota Auris £ 695.98