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What is a car won't start inspection?

Car won’t start is a rare occurrence but it still happens sometimes and the advanced electronic technologies these days the cars have, also made road diagnostic work difficult. If you are stuck in a situation where your car is not starting, One of our mobile mechanic experts can provide a quick diagnosis and provide an estimate for necessary repairs.

What are the Common reasons why car wont start?

Following are the common reasons why car fails to start:

  • When fuel pump fails.
  • When spark plugs fails (for petrol engines only).
  • When engine timing is out.
  • When ignition coil is faulty.
  • When camshaft sensor is faulty.
  • When crankshaft sensor is faulty.
  • When battery Dies.
  • When battery terminals are not connected properly.
  • When starter motor fails.
  • When there is a Ignition problem.
  • When car is immobilised.

Book a mechanic and get your car diagnosed at home or office. 


What are the recommendations when the car wont start?

Check the ignition system, fuel system, and charging system, and then look for any mechanical damage, also test with another fuel source, such as a quick shot of brake cleaner or carb in the throttle body. If the car starts momentarily and then dies, it indicates that you have a problem with the fuel supply. Do not ignore or abandon the car if it does not start, It is a problem that must be addressed quickly. Reserve a mechanic for a thorough diagnosis as soon as possible by clicking here.

How much a car diagnostic inspection cost?

Car diagnostic inspection cost depends on the local labour rate of the garage, typically most of the mechanics charges 1 hour labour time to diagnose problem with the car, to find out the exact cost of diagnostic inspection on your car please see the table below at the bottom of the page. On average  the diagnostic inspection cost in the uk is £60.86.

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Cost by make for Car Is Not Starting Inspection

Popular Makes Average Price
Volvo £60.00 Compare Quotes
Vauxhall £60.00 Compare Quotes
Renault £60.00 Compare Quotes
Bmw £60.00 Compare Quotes
Volkswagen £60.00 Compare Quotes
Citroen £60.00 Compare Quotes
Audi £60.00 Compare Quotes
Ford £60.00 Compare Quotes
Mini £60.00 Compare Quotes
Mercedes-benz £60.00 Compare Quotes
Mazda £60.00 Compare Quotes
Nissan £60.00 Compare Quotes
Hyundai £60.00 Compare Quotes
Peugeot £60.00 Compare Quotes
Toyota £60.00 Compare Quotes
Fiat £60.00 Compare Quotes
Lexus £60.00 Compare Quotes
Seat £60.00 Compare Quotes

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