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Car won’t Shift from Park to Drive Inspection


Car won’t Shift from Park to Drive.

You prep your car, adjust it according to your settings, push the button on the Shifter, and IT WON’T BUDGE. You cannot shift from Park to Drive. What are your options now?

First of all, do not force the Shifter. This will cause more damage to the already problematic Shifter. If any of the parts, from the electronic components or mechanical components, fails between the Shifter and the transmission of your vehicle, you will not be able to shift out of the park at all. 

What are the Symptoms that May Indicate Your Shifter Will Fail?


What are the Reasons Cars won’t Shift from Park to Drive?

When should you have your Shifter inspected or Replaced?

You can get your car’s Shifter inspected when any part of the Shifter or transmission breaks. There is no such time frame for any part replacement interval. However, each part of a car is prone to wear and tear with excessive or improper use. 

How much would it cost to replace the Shifter?

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to diagnose the problem with your vehicle. The mechanic will then provide an inspection report detailing the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.