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Car Overheating Inspection


Car overheating Inspection

All vehicles are bound to lose their cool someday, even the most modern high-end cars practically designed to run in any climate. Over-heating is a real issue, and there can be several reasons why your car is over-heating. The major reasons range from simply overusing your vehicle to an electrical or mechanical failure in your engine.

If you are experiencing your car's temperature gauge bursting to blow out of the dashboard or the check engine light is lighting the innards of your car, its imperative that you do whatever you can to get your car to cool down before the problem leads to severe and irreversible damage. 

Why is Your Car Heating Up?

Every car has a system that is designed to circulate the coolant that is a mixture of antifreeze and water throughout the engine to absorb the heat created by the combustion process and friction created by the moving parts within the engine. The hot liquid is then air-cooled to dissipate the heat, and the process repeats without faltering. 

But, if one of the components among this system stops working, your engine can stop functioning in no time. 

What is Car's Cooling System Made of?

What are the Common Reasons Your Car Can Heat Up?

What to Expect during Inspection of Car Overheating?

An expert mechanic's first step will be to check for any fault codes appearing in the car's onboard computer system. Then they will proceed on checking the whole cooling system of the car, observing for any leaks or any major internal issues causing the vehicle over-heating. 

How much does it Cost to fix overheating on a Car engine?

The price of the repairs depends on the parts that are causing the problem and the fact that if they need replacing. Our mobile mechanic can visit your home and change the faulty parts for you. They cannot provide a price quote beforehand as they do not work like a driveway repair shop. 

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