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Car Battery Cable Replacement

What is the Battery Cable all about?

Battery cables transfer battery power to other electrical components (starter, alternator, fuse block). There is no power anywhere in your car without a battery cable. The cables are located under the hood and are attached to the battery at one end and to the motor and electrical accessories at the other end. All cars have multiple cables. These cables can corrode and lead to poor connections, which means that the correct amount of electricity cannot be transferred to the vehicle's electrical components.

How to test a car battery cable?

What common symptoms indicate that you may need to replace the battery cable?

Can I drive my car with a faulty or corroded battery cable?

Battery cables transfer electric from the battery to the vehicle's electrical components. If there are no battery cables, the battery cannot generate electricity. The alternator and the starter depend on the battery cables for the power supply. A malfunction of the cables means that your vehicle is not starting or has no power.

In most cases, the battery cables cannot be repaired and must be replaced as a set. In some cases, however, your mechanic can cut off the corroded part of the cable and install one end of the terminal. This way you can avoid exchanging the cable set.

What are the recommendations of car battery cable replacement?

Corrosion is the worst enemy of the battery cable. When you open the hood of your car, there may be a white or bluish powdery substance (dry acid) in the battery and cables. This acidic substance attacks the ends of the battery pole and the battery cable. It is recommended to periodically check and clean the battery and cables (we recommend any other oil change). This prevents corrosion and extends the life of the battery cable.

battery cable

How much does it cost to replace battery cable on a car?

The cost battery cable repair depends on the make and model of the vehicle.Get an estimate instantly. Service, parts, cost & recommendations from smart servicing centre. Get the exact price for battery cable replacement on your car using our free quoting system.  mechanics you can trust, next-day service at your door.